In this second Ring Video Doorbell demo, I show you how to find/use the Live View Feature which allows you to listen, see or speak with the Ring Doorbell anytime you like, rather than just responding to a Ring or Motion event.

The Live view feature has been in the Ring app for a while now, but I’ve not until now got around to showing the feature off in a demo.

If you are not familiar with the Ring Video Doorbell, the following link will play my first Ring Video Doorbell demo where I went through a description, installation, and use:


In this Home Kit enabled devices demo using Siri and VoiceOver, I take you through my house describing the various Ellgato Eve devices (Eve Room, Eve Weather, Eve Window/Door sensors, and the Eve Energy switch power point plug.

A demo of using Siri with these various devices follows.

I then take you through setting-up a second Eve Energy power point plug using the Eve app, and completing a scene to turn on a  lamp and radio on when I am away from the house.

We then move over to the Apple TV to show how it can access your Home Kit Enabled devices.

Finally I demo how you can use Control Centre, the Eve or Home App to use the devices manually and to check their status or to turn them on or off in case of the switch’s.




In this demo, I take you through my home and discuss all the hardware/software that makes up my connected home.

For this demo, I was using watch OS 2.2, TV OS 9.2, and iOS 9.3.

In this demo of the Ring Video Doorbell, I give you a thorough setup and run through of what the Ring Video Doorbell is, unboxing, Ring app setup to use the physical Ring Video Doorbell, attaching the Doorbell to the wall and completing the setup, using the Ring app, and final comments.

I must say, this is one of the best home connected devices I have purchased yet: i.e. what did I do before I had this device smile.

In this demo, I give you a summary and demo of the plugin Belkin WeMo smart switch's that you plug in to any power point, connect them to your Wi-Fi network, and control appliances such as fans, lamps, radios etc by plugging a device in to the switch and controlling it via the WeMo app that you can run either on your iPhone, Android device etc.  In addition, I talk about the Belkin Link box which controls smart bulbs (either beignet or screw) which you install in to existing light sockets.  The Link box is also controlled Via the WeMo app on your home Wi-Fi network.  Both of these systems can be controlled remotely as well.

Note -  with the Quick Switch app for both the iPhone and Apple watch, these apps will only function if you are on the same network as your WeMo devices, they will not work remotely.