May 4, 2015

The uses of the digital crown on the Apple watch and VoiceOver specific digital crown navigation mode

In this demo of the Apple watch, I take you through the digital crown options including single press Clock face to home screen, take focus back to central clock icon on the home screen, and home screen back to clock face.  Two press switch between last running apps and clock face.  3 press triple click accessibility short-cut if set to turn VoiceOver on or off.  Hold in to talk to Siri.  Scroll digital crown when on home screen to activate focused app.  Scroll digital crown to select complications when customising a clock face, and adjusting volume in the music player.  When VoiceOver digital crown navigation is on (toggled on or off via 2 finger triple tap), scrolling digital crown either way, moves VoiceOver focus to the previous or next item.  note - digital crown scroll to select focused item does not work when VoiceOver digital crown navigation is turned on.

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