In this demo I take you through using the Remote app on my Apple watch with the Apple tv.  Once you've paired the Remote app with the Apple tv, its a simple matter of either using the gesture area to flick up, down, left or right or using the Menu button to go back and the Play button to start/stop play.  Also tried out entering my parental pin with Netflix which worked out fine.

In this demo, I show you how to activate audio description within Netflix on the Apple TV to view the first TV series with Audio Described content from Netflix: Marvel's Daredevil TV series.  To do this when watching the show, press Select on the Remote to pause, hold down Select for options screen to come up, press Up Arrow on the remote to access 3 menu items: Sub-titles, Audio and Speakers: Press Right Arrow on the remote to move to Audio, and then press Down Arrow on the remote to get down to English Audio Description, and press Select again on the remote to start listening with Audio Description.

In this demo I show you where you locate family purchased items in Os X (iTunes, iBooks and Mac App Store), iOS (iTunes, iBooks, and App Store), and the Apple TV (Movies and TV Shows).  Demo is not on setting up family sharing which is accessed in iOS with Settings/iCloud or OS X System Preferences/iCloud.

This demo goes through how to navigate the Apple TV using the Apple Remote app using VoiceOver on both the iPhone and the Apple TV.

Demo of the Apple TV V7: accessibility options/short-cut, video description, movie chapter navigation etc with VoiceOver

In the demo, I explain how the Solo-Dx ( audio description track works, do a demo using the audio track for Hunger Games with the actual movie on my Mac as an example, and give contact details for Solo-Dx. As its an mp3 file, you can play the track on any device, and play the movie on your TV, Apple TV, Mac etc..

In this demo, show you how to pair, and navigate the Apple TV using a bluetooth keyboard which became possible with this new update of the Apple TV software.

This demo takes you through adding another Apple ID and shows you how to switch Apple IDS to access TV or Movie content etc on either Apple ID.

How to hide icons on the Apple TV home screen to save navigating thorugh icons you don't use.

In this demo, moving icons on the Apple TV home screen is demonstrated, as well as the new Accessibility menu enabling the toggling of VoiceOver/captioning.

Just a brief story from me how I and my family uses Apple products from an Accessibility perspective.

Demo of the Hills talking set top box covering talking remote training mode, muting the TV, changing channels, altering speech rate, using the program guide etc.

Demonstration of navigating the new Apple TV software with VoiceOver.

General demo of a digital talking settop box hopefully available in June in Australia.

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