These are my notes on using both watch's with their respective screen readers.

These notes have come out of the recent podcasts on the Galaxy Watch, and me actually using both watch's over the last 4 weeks or so at the same time smile.

As it says in the title, these notes were produced using Add to iTunes as spoken Text using the Alex speech.

Hope you find it useful.

In this demo, I take you through a walk through of accessing notifications, widgets, and apps that I use on a daily basis on my Galaxy Watch using Voice Assistant.

In this demo, I take you through adjusting the Ring, Accessibility (Voice Assistant), Media, Notification, and System volumes for the Galaxy Watch via the Galaxy wearable app running on my Samsung Galaxy S10.

Note - the Sound setting on the Galaxy Watch itself is only for the Ringer volume (or at least as far as I could find out).

In this demo, I take you through the very straight forward process of pairing a Bluetooth device to the Galaxy Watch.

In the demo, I use my TP Link Music device which allows me to plug a speaker in to the Bluetooth receiver.


In this demo, I show you how to adjust Recent App time out display from 20 seconds, 2 minutes or 1 hour which is what I have it on.

One of the main reasons why I use this function is to get around the "can't use this app whilst using Voice Assistant" as whilst one of these apps is running (which I can launch via Bixby avoiding the crappy accessibility watch dog msg), the app is there when I want to use it and don't have to use Bixby.

As in the demo, I use the Timer app this way all the time, which again, Samsung deems as inaccessible when it's not.


As with the iPhone and the Apple watch, this is a useful function to track down where you have put your phone or watch by playing a sound to locate it.

I did not demo either the Location or Security features in this demo.

In this demo I show you an interesting way of entering in your pin number via the bezel using Voice Assistant.

To activate the pin number security, simply go in to Settings, Security, Lock Type, and choose Pin and set your pin number.

Besides the fun bezel way of entering in your pin number which reminds me of using a combination lock, you can still flick left or right through the numbers and double tap on the number to enter.

In this demo, I show you how to enable Direct Access to allow Voice Assistant to be toggled on or off.

Just a tip, when you have enabled Direct Access/Voice Assistant, the 2 finger triple tap to toggle Voice Assistant on or off will over ride the 2 finger triple tap for Time, battery, and service status. 

In this demo, I take you through a demo of the Analog Utility Watch face that has the sound of a ticking watch, haptic time via Voice Assistant (2 finger tap hour and 2 finger double tap minutes on the watch face using Voice Assistant), and setting hourly chime.

Also, if you just touch the Watch Face after waking the watch up, it'll also give you the time.

This is one thing that I can’t understand on the Galaxy Watch with Samsung deciding which apps will work and which apps will not work with Voice Assistant.

As you’ll see, two examples where Samsung actually gets it wrong (their own Timer app which actually is accessible), and the Spotify app, whilst some of the buttons are not accessible, the app itself is still usable.

The trick to get around the blocking msg that stops you from using an app is to use Bixby which I do in the demo.

Yes, there are completely inaccessible apps, but let’s let the user decide smile.

However, one good thing about this demo, yes you can play music out of the Galaxy Watch’s internal speaker!!!

As the title says, just an overview demo of a physical description of the Galaxy Watch 46MM and navigating its interface with Voice Assistant Screen Reader.

Note - after completing the demo I was notified that triple tapping the screen with 2 fingers during setup will turn on  Voice Assistant - haven’t verified..

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