Demo of adding multiple finger prints to Touch ID using iPhone 6 plus with VoiceOver

In this demo, I take you through most of the functionality of the updated and free Fleksy app (word prediction keyboard) for iOS using VoiceOver. Adding words to the custom dictionary and advanced punctuation are not covered in this demo.

This demo goes through what is in the box, main features, physical description, navigating the iPod touch with VoiceOver, locking orientation, Siri/dictation.

This demo takes you through the major features of the iPhone 5, physical description, a run through of some VoiceOver gestures, and a bit on Siri.

This demo takes you through the features of the iPad mini, physical description, using an iPad verses a smaller iOS device, and a bit about Siri.

A look at some of the major features in iOS 6, some changes to the Settings panel, and an overview of some of the new accessibility features.

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