In this demo, i take you through a typical day with me using Hey Siri through different activities in the course of the day, all done mainly hands free.  Some of the emails, and address's have been edited slightly to maintain privacy, but everything is as I used it.

In this demo, I show you how to change the Control and Option keys that voiceOver uses on Bluetooth keyboards to use the Caps Lock key and or Caps Lock and Control Option being available at the same time depending on your presence and what is easiest to reach.

In this demo I show you the two new options in VoiceOver Practise accessed from the VoiceOver panel on iOS if you have hand Writing or Braille Screen Input selected on the VoiceOver rotor.

NB if you don't have these selected, VoiceOver Practise behaves as normal.

In this demo I show you how to use the new selection text feature in iOS 9 using the VoiceOver rotor option.

In this demo, I take you through setting up the new Hay Siri training tutorial for better recognition of the Hay Siri responsiveness.

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