When in an app (not on the home screen), 4 finger flick left or right will switch between running apps.

No longer need to be on 4g or Wi-Fi to use voice dictation: can be offline with no internet connection.

Correction: in the demo I say it just works automatically.  However, if your language supports offline voice dictation you may need to turn it on in Settings, General, Keyboard, Dictation on/off toggle.  I dont' know why, but my setting was on by default which according to some blogs will be turned off by default.

How to secure your notes produced by the default Notes app with either a password or finger print.

Demo of new 3d touch options for Settings, Weather, Compass, Health, App Store, and the iTunes Store.

Where to turn on Night Shift mode if you wish to reduce the amount of blue light to help you go to sleep.

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