Celebrating 10 years of VoiceOver on the iPhone since the iPhone 3GS.


Enjoy this demo produced for Vision Australia customers on the then AT Tech Page for people to download and learn how to use tech.

This demo was the first in a 26 or so demo series on learning how to use the iPhone 3GS with VoiceOver in September 2009 after VoiceOver was announced on the iPhone at the WWDC  2009 June 19 conference.


Demo of the MBraille keyboard iOS app which supports contracted Braille and has some really nice features: free and paid version available.

In this demo, I show you how to use the Play Sound feature in Find My iPhone to locate your iOS device by sound in the house. Tip: make sure to tap on Call Out button to make the Play Sound button at the bottom left hand side of the screen active.

In this demo, I take you through most of the functionality of the updated and free Fleksy app (word prediction keyboard) for iOS using VoiceOver. Adding words to the custom dictionary and advanced punctuation are not covered in this demo.

A look at some of the major features in iOS 6, some changes to the Settings panel, and an overview of some of the new accessibility features.

Besides not having to turn VoiceOver off via triple click home, you can download a free version of Fleksy to try out before in-app purchase.

Demonstration of this keyboard pattern recognition app which works with VoiceOver and really does allow you to type above 25 words per minute on your iOS device.

Just a brief story from me how I and my family uses Apple products from an Accessibility perspective.

By running Remote Mic on iOS and Remote Mic Console on Mac, you can monitor what the "remote mic" is picking up. More info at http://www.dolejsky.com/remote-mic/

TypeToPhone comes in useful when you don't have a dedicated Bluetooth keyboard for use with your iOS device, but you have your Mac handy.

Sharing notes between your iOS devices and the Mac using Single Text

Dictating text in to the Mac via Dictabulus running on the iPHone 4s using Siri (with the Dictabulus helper app running on the Mac).

Enables sending/receiving iMessages to/from Mac and iOS devices (you'll need Lion 10.73.3 to install Messages beta).

How to share your iPhone as a wi-fi Hotspot for your Mac.

Application from http://www.everywaretechnologies.com

On screen Braille input keyboard for your iOS device using VoiceOver - www.everywaretechnologies.com

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