In this demo, I show you how to restore the Apple tv from your Mac using a usb cable (warning only do this if you have to).  Once setup (using a Bluetooth keyboard), I go through a number of my own setup options: hiding home (main menu) screen icons, setting restrictions, changing the name of the Apple tv, setting time zone and language (of synthesiser), and turning on accessibility short-cut.

Demoing the new iTunes 12 layout for displaying iOS content (Summary, Music, Movies etc) with voiceOver

In this demo, I show you how easy it is to redeem codes yourself from compatible iTunes gift cards without having to ask anyone else to do it for you by using iTunes on your Mac with the EyeSight camera.

In the demo, I explain how the Solo-Dx ( audio description track works, do a demo using the audio track for Hunger Games with the actual movie on my Mac as an example, and give contact details for Solo-Dx. As its an mp3 file, you can play the track on any device, and play the movie on your TV, Apple TV, Mac etc..

This demo gives you an overview of the iTunes 11 new interface using VoiceOver.

This demo takes you through setting up the AQ SmartSpeaker to be used as an AirPlay device, plugging it in to the Pocket daisy player, and setting it up as a wifi hotspot speaker.

iPod nano 7th gen description, iTunes setup, exploring the nano screens, adjusting accessibility, pairing to BT speaker, playing music/radio/audio books.

Just a brief story from me how I and my family uses Apple products from an Accessibility perspective.

Demo of navigating the Source and Item lists, changing Views, accessing search, modifying the Source list, playing options, and device tabs.

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