In this demo I show you how you can get the Mac's system clock to speak every hour, every quarter hour or just on the hour.

This demo outlines the steps to take in enabling VoiceOver at the Login screen in OS X (System Preferences, Users & Groups, Login options) to allow Voiceover to speak and not necessarily be on in Finder which can be toggled on or off via Command+F5.

In this demo, I show you how you can password protect a folder in OS X by Using the Disk Utility and turning your folder in to a password protected volume that you can mont and dismount when ever you need to.

iPod nano 7th gen description, iTunes setup, exploring the nano screens, adjusting accessibility, pairing to BT speaker, playing music/radio/audio books.

Using the Mac downloader with library service: membership required.

Just a brief story from me how I and my family uses Apple products from an Accessibility perspective.

Demo of navigating the Source and Item lists, changing Views, accessing search, modifying the Source list, playing options, and device tabs.

By running Remote Mic on iOS and Remote Mic Console on Mac, you can monitor what the "remote mic" is picking up. More info at

TypeToPhone comes in useful when you don't have a dedicated Bluetooth keyboard for use with your iOS device, but you have your Mac handy.

How to remap the Control and Option keys for VoiceOver on a Windows USB keyboard where these keys are not next to each other.

Using the Dashboard to access widgets, enable/disable widgets, and a demo of a few widgets

Sharing notes between your iOS devices and the Mac using Single Text

Listening to audio described content from the SA Mobile Network on the Mac with Chrome using VoiceOver

Dictating text in to the Mac via Dictabulus running on the iPHone 4s using Siri (with the Dictabulus helper app running on the Mac).

Enables sending/receiving iMessages to/from Mac and iOS devices (you'll need Lion 10.73.3 to install Messages beta).

How to share your iPhone as a wi-fi Hotspot for your Mac.

Navigation options overviewed VO Lock, QuickNav, Trackpad, Numpad, and Keyboard Commanders.

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