In this demo I take you through enabling type to 'Siri on Mac os High Sierra and iOS 11.

As well as this, I demo that if you use head phones like the AirPods that can invoke Siri, you can still talk to Siri even though you are using type to Siri with the keyboard: a handy feature.

In this demo, I take you through the update process of going from Sierra Mac os 10.12 to High Sierra Mac os 10.13 using VoiceOver.

After the update, I also point out the major keyboard change to VoiceOver in this update: i.e. VO+Command+Arrow keys is now for the rotor, whilst Shift+VO+Command+Arrow keys is speech settings (as it was in previous versions of Mac os).

High Sierra seems to be running quite well on my Mac mini entry level machine: 1.4ghz and 4gb RAM.

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