Voice Assistant basic gestures demo using Samsung Galaxy Tab

Firstly I give you a physical description of my Samsung Galaxy Tab and a reminder that the Tab has a physical Home button with the Recent apps and Back buttons to the left and right of the physical Home button: i.e. the Recent apps and Back buttons are soft buttons: i.e. part of the touch screen interface with the other icons.

I then go through the following gestures.

3 finger flick left right to change:

Speech rate,


Dark screen,

Large cursor,

Notification, and

Media vol.

1 finger flick up or down to change.

3 Finger flick up or down to change navigation elements:

Character granularity,

Word granularity.

Line granularity, and

Paragraph granularity,

1 finger flick up or down to move by navigation element.

Jump to first and last items on screen:

1 finger up/down (up pointing arrow) top of screen, and

1 finger down/up (down pointing arrow) bottom of screen.

Drag finger around screen or flick left/right to navigate.

1 finger double tap to activate last item heard/in focus.

2 finger flick left/right up/down:

scroll screen in opposite direction to flick.

Two finger flick down: read down from current position.

Two finger touch to silence speech.

Two finger double tap: start/stop audio if playing.

2 finger triple tap: read out Notification info: time, date etc.

3 finger touch: reads out items in order after the current selected item.

Complete the demo by showing how I unlock my Tab using a pin number at the lock screen.

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