This is the first demo of flying the Tello Edu Drone using Swift Playgrounds, the Tello Space Template, and VoiceOver.

As with my Dash Robot series, the Tello apps remain inaccessible to VoiceOver users, hence Swift Playgrounds.

Note - Swift Playgrounds only runs on an iPad.  In this initial demo, I am already inside the Tello Space Template going through the first instruction set, you download the template inside Swift Playgrounds and its free.

Enjoy the demo, more to come!!!!

This is the 2nd part of my using Swift Playgrounds with VoiceOver.

In this demo, I show you how I use Lego to construct the World Grid, character, gem, and switch to help conceptualise in a tactile form how to use the grid when coding.

Thanks to my son Owen for loaning his Lego, he can now have his Lego back.


This demo gives you an introduction to using Swift Playgrounds with VoiceOver.

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