In this demo, I show you how too Send a message using the T9 (alphabetical) way of typing on the keypad, and how to read successfully your received messages.

Simply, the more messages you have, the better Talkback will read as it can move and speak with the cursor, having only one message mean the cursor can't move to speak.

A little bit better than singing Happy Birthday to yourself twice.

Give it a go, just say "ok Google Help Me Wash My Hands".


Demo of the AirPods Pro, great new ear tips, and Noise Control.

In this demo, we have a bit of fun getting Dash to respond to a clap sound.

In this demo of the new AirPods as of March 2019, I take you through using wireless charging, Hey Siri (plus proximity usage to the iPhone or homePod), and discuss the significant reduced latency when using the AirPods with VoiceOver gestures: much more responsive.

Demo of switching between VoiceOver on iPhone and VoiceOver on the Mac.

Tip, don't touch the iPHone whilst the Obit is connected via Bluetooth as focus will return to the iPhone whether you are in standalone mode or on the Mac.


What is in the box, physical description, and an overviw of the phones functions.

As soon as I posted my first demo yesterday on unboxing and setup, V2 of the BrailleNote Touch software cam out: hence this demo of updating, KNFB Reader, and the Braille Termainal mode to allow VoiceOver access from the iPhone.

Rather than trying to drag and drop web links using VoiceOver, demo of writing a quick file for a web link.

In this demo, I show you how to password protect a note within the Notes and where to change or reset the password.

Same functionality to that found now in the Notes app in iOS 9.3.

In this demo, I take you through 3 configuration tips suggested by a listener of my podcasts for new users or people that would like a suggested way of using the watch everyday.

These tips are: turning Wake Screen Off, Setting Accessibility (Triple Click) short-cut to voiceOver to allow pressing the Digital Crown on the watch to toggle VoiceOver on/off, and how to turn on VoiceOver Digital Crown navigation.
Note - if you toggle VoiceOver off on the watch, this will turn off Digital Crown Navigation and you'll have to enable it again.

An interview with Jonathan Mosen aired on Vision Australia radio Jan 5 2016 where Stephen and I discuss with Jonathan how he got in to tech and some general thoughts about his experiences with technology.

To find out more about all of Jonathan's work, go to his website Mosen Consulting:

Sharing this interview with Dr Robert Carter who does the Tech Doctor Podcast.

A general chat concerning his views on technology.
Robert's Tech Doctor Blog and Podcast can be accessed with the following link:

On the 31st of December 2015 Aussie time, the official Twitter client for Mac OS X was updated.  Amongst the improvements was giving access to VoiceOver users to the interface.

In this demo, I take you through a brief exploration of the Twitter client, navigating the home time line, examining a tweets details, activating a link within a tweet, replying to a tweet, switching between the views for Home timeline, Notifications (mentions), Messages, Profile, Lists, and Search, demo of the Tweet sub-menu from the main menu to allow for retweeting of tweets etc, and posting a new tweet.
As this is a short demo, I did not go in to Messages, Lists or Searching.
Demo was mainly to show you that the updated Twitter app for Mac OS X is indeed accessible.
A few rough edges, but nothing that stops basic solid functioning of the app.

As a follow-up to my December 7 2015 demo of a Beats Pill 2.0 portable speaker, as I stated then, I would do a demo of pairing two Beats Pill 2.0 speakers when I purchased two.  Now I have and this demo shows you how to firstly pair them together so that they play the same sound and with the 2nd pairing for each speaker playing left right channel.  Pairing the two speakers together is done via NFC which you will find the NFC tag at the back left hand side of the speakers (slightly raised logo).

Process for pairing two speakers is:
1. Turn on both speakers (mine both paired themselves to my iPhone with only the 2nd one being actually paired),
2. The first speaker, hold Play/Pause in to put it back in pairing mode,
3. First speaker touch NFC tag (back left hand side) with 2nd speaker,
4. First time you touch NFC Tags together: single beep play both speakers together, and second touch two beeps for left right channel play, and finally,
5. Can keep touching the NFC tags together if you wish to go between these modes if you wish.
You can turn one speaker off and keep using a single speaker if you want.
I have been using the first pairing mode for listening to cricket with each Beats Pill being in different parts of the house, and the left right speaker mode for listening to music in the same room with the speakers positioned for left and right channel/speaker listening.

In this demo I take you through accessing VoiceOver rotor (vO+U) Window Spots, and if available, the Content Chooser Menu.  A number of applications have default Window Spots or you can add your own by adding a spot on the screen (such as a control or scroll area) with vO+Shift+Command+] (right bracket) or VO+Shift+Command+[ (left bracket) to remove.  At the time of the recording, Content Chooser is available in Mail and Notes.

For the show notes: go to

Physical description of the iPod classic, navigating, and playing content via the click wheel.

Demo of the Meteor vibrating clock from - description, telling the time, and how to reset the time.

Demoing the usefulness of the Tween Twitter client for Windows with NVDA without any alterations.

This will give you the direct urls to the podcasts that I follow to keep up to date with assistive and main stream technology (including Apple of course).

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