In this demo, I show you how easy it is to customise your own VoiceOver gestures in iOS 13.

In the demo, to start off with when I am showing you my custom gestures, my Home button function is already set to 2 finger swipe left to save a bit of time whilst I go through the other 3 custom VoiceOver gestures.


September 17, 2014

iOS 8 overview using VoiceOver

iOS 8 overview using VoiceOver

Demo of using the RIVO (custom) Bluetooth keyboard for VoiceOver users on the iPhone

Demo of the MBraille keyboard iOS app which supports contracted Braille and has some really nice features: free and paid version available.

In this demo, I show you how to use an online daisy service such as to directly download a daisy book in to Safari, and by using the OpenIn function, open that daisy book in Read2Go.

In this demo, I take you through most of the features of the now Accessible iOS Kindle app with VoiceOver plus using Safari to purchase/send a book to the app.

In this demo, I describe the Logitech Solar K760 Bluetooth keyboard, explain how to pair up to 3 devices, and give a demo of switching from iPhone, Mac, and my Windows laptop: all done by the same keyboard.

In this demo, show you how to crate a contact to auto dial in to a phone service such as work voice mail using the phone number, login details, and the number to check any unread msgs.

In this demo, I take you through most of the functionality of the updated and free Fleksy app (word prediction keyboard) for iOS using VoiceOver. Adding words to the custom dictionary and advanced punctuation are not covered in this demo.

This demo shows you how to use the builtin dictionary in iOS using VoiceOver by highlighting a word with the pinch open gesture, and using the Define option under Edit in the rotor. iBooks is used for the demo, but works in other apps including Mail, Safari etc.

In this demo, I put the Ford Sync in my Ford Focus 2012 through some of its paces: never thought I'd be doing a podcast on a car.

This demo takes you through the major features of the iPhone 5, physical description, a run through of some VoiceOver gestures, and a bit on Siri.

This demo takes you through the features of the iPad mini, physical description, using an iPad verses a smaller iOS device, and a bit about Siri.

This demo takes you through adding another Apple ID and shows you how to switch Apple IDS to access TV or Movie content etc on either Apple ID.

In this demo, moving icons on the Apple TV home screen is demonstrated, as well as the new Accessibility menu enabling the toggling of VoiceOver/captioning.

A look at some of the major features in iOS 6, some changes to the Settings panel, and an overview of some of the new accessibility features.

Demonstration of this keyboard pattern recognition app which works with VoiceOver and really does allow you to type above 25 words per minute on your iOS device.

Just a brief story from me how I and my family uses Apple products from an Accessibility perspective.

Demonstration showing how to use this new exciting app which will dramatically increase VoiceOver users typing speed on the iPhone.

Enable multitasking gestures in Settings, General, and use gestures to access App Switcher, switch between apps, and perform the Home button function.

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On screen Braille input keyboard for your iOS device using VoiceOver -

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