In this demo, I show you a few apps and I use on the Xbox One plus have a bit of a play around with Cortana.

In this Xbox One demo 2: I take you briefly through Settings, download and install an app (demoing pinning to the Home screen and quitting), purchasing and watching a movie, using Live TV to watch my talking digital set top box, and take you through navigating the Xbox One Console with the UsB QWERRTY keyboard plus Narrator specific keyboard commands.

January 12, 2017

Xbox One demo using Narrator

In this demo I take you through the features of the Xbox One. What is in the box, physical description of the Xbox One and the Controller, installing the battery's to the Controller, plugging in the Xbox One to the TV, setup steps after turning on (currently not accessible), toggling Narrator on, a run through of the Home screen (Home, Community, One Guide and Store), Guide, Settings/Ease of Access/Narrator, organisation of My Games and Apps, and shutting down the Xbox one using Narrator.

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