In this demo I take you through the new Hey Siri "give me the news" function introduced in iOS 11.2.5.

In Australia, you can switch news sources: ABC, channel 7 or SBS.  In the US and UK, different news sources are available.

So far you can say Hey Siri "give me"


Business news,

Music news, and

Sports news.

Channel 7 and SBS seem the most comprehensive for the moment with the news source giving news, sports, and weather - ABC is just the news.

Looking forward to when the technology source is added.

Will be quite handy to use this on the HomePod which I will be demonstrating as soon as it arrives after pre-ordering on Jan 27 and being available on Feb 9 2018.

In this demo, I take you through deleting and moving or dragging apps around on the Home screen.

Note - besides 1 finger double tap and hold to go in to Edit Mode, you can now select Edit Mode from the rotor besides 1 finger double tap to activate.

In this demo I take you through enabling Auto Answering for immediate and timed auto answering of incoming phone calls.

In this demo I take you through enabling type to 'Siri on Mac os High Sierra and iOS 11.

As well as this, I demo that if you use head phones like the AirPods that can invoke Siri, you can still talk to Siri even though you are using type to Siri with the keyboard: a handy feature.

For those of us who use an iPad, you'll find that the Control Centre includes the app switcher, Control centre icons, Dock, and Suggestions.

In this demo I show you how to navigate the Control Centre on the iPad, and how to customise it.

note - the control centre icons are what an iPhone or iPod touch user would experience without the App Switcher orDock (including the Dock suggestions).

Just showing off an iOS 11 feature with being able to access the dock from within an app, a note on suggestions on the Dock, and a bit of a play around with the side app switcher (the name of which I've probably got incorrect smile).


I thought in this demo I'd take you through updating from iOS 10 to iOS 11 using VoiceOver.

I always find its handy to know how long that silent bit last when you loose speech when iOS is updating.

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