January 26, 2018

Demo of the new Siri function introduced in iOS 11.2.5 - Hey Siri “give me the news”.

In this demo I take you through the new Hey Siri "give me the news" function introduced in iOS 11.2.5.

In Australia, you can switch news sources: ABC, channel 7 or SBS.  In the US and UK, different news sources are available.

So far you can say Hey Siri "give me"


Business news,

Music news, and

Sports news.

Channel 7 and SBS seem the most comprehensive for the moment with the news source giving news, sports, and weather - ABC is just the news.

Looking forward to when the technology source is added.

Will be quite handy to use this on the HomePod which I will be demonstrating as soon as it arrives after pre-ordering on Jan 27 and being available on Feb 9 2018.

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