In this demo I take you through the new Hey Siri "give me the news" function introduced in iOS 11.2.5.

In Australia, you can switch news sources: ABC, channel 7 or SBS.  In the US and UK, different news sources are available.

So far you can say Hey Siri "give me"


Business news,

Music news, and

Sports news.

Channel 7 and SBS seem the most comprehensive for the moment with the news source giving news, sports, and weather - ABC is just the news.

Looking forward to when the technology source is added.

Will be quite handy to use this on the HomePod which I will be demonstrating as soon as it arrives after pre-ordering on Jan 27 and being available on Feb 9 2018.

In this demo I take you through enabling type to 'Siri on Mac os High Sierra and iOS 11.

As well as this, I demo that if you use head phones like the AirPods that can invoke Siri, you can still talk to Siri even though you are using type to Siri with the keyboard: a handy feature.

Demo of the updated Remote iOS app which now includes Siri to control the Apple TV 4th generation.

In this demo, I give you a bit of a taste of what it is like to use Siri on the Apple watch either using "Hay Siri" or holding in the Digital Crown, waiting for the vibration, speaking command, receiving a conformation vibration, and then listening to the response back from Siri via VoiceOver.  In this demo I demo asking for a country time, making a phone call, sending a voice message, using the Timer, open the Settings folder and an application, and asking Siri to tell me a joke.

Quick demo using the BEM Bluetooth Speaker BAnd to activate Siri and  launch BlindSquare GPS app using the automated menu..

iOS 7.1 Siri, VoiceOver and Low Vision Changes, VO BT keyboard/Bug fix, and Apple TV 6.1 hide icons from Remote

Demo of using Siri to generate passwords using VoiceOver. Tip: at the moment, Triple Click VoiceOver on/off to be able to read input interpretation screen at time of posting.

In this demo, show you how to crate a contact to auto dial in to a phone service such as work voice mail using the phone number, login details, and the number to check any unread msgs.

In this demo, I put the Ford Sync in my Ford Focus 2012 through some of its paces: never thought I'd be doing a podcast on a car.

This demo takes you through the major features of the iPhone 5, physical description, a run through of some VoiceOver gestures, and a bit on Siri.

Just a brief story from me how I and my family uses Apple products from an Accessibility perspective.

Dictating text in to the Mac via Dictabulus running on the iPHone 4s using Siri (with the Dictabulus helper app running on the Mac).

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