May 4, 2015

A review of the VoiceOver gestures on Apple watch

In this demo, I cover most of the VoiceOver gestures for navigating on the Apple watch including: 1 finger flick left/right (move previous/next item), 1 finger drag around screen (explore), 1 finger double tap (activate item), 1 finger flick up/down (action item or adjust slider), 2 finger double tap  (answering/hanging up call - not start/stop music in OS watch V1.0), 2  finger triple tap (digital crown navigation on/off), 2 finger flick up/down  (scroll down/up), 2 finger flick left/right (scroll right/left), 2 finger flick up/down at clock face (access Glances/Notifications), and 2 finger double tap hold/drag up/down (adjust VoiceOver volume up/down).

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