June 14, 2021

A walk through and demo of the Dyson Air Purifier, Heater, and Fan combo

This Dyson 3 in one tower unit, purify’s the air, heats, and emits cool air.


Comes in white or silver.


Prices seem to vary quite a lot, when I purchased mine they were about $750  Australian for the second two.


When setting the unit up, take it out of the box, install the Hepa filters in both sides of the base, [plug in to wall outlet, stick remote on top face down to attach.

Note - don't lift or move the Dyson via the top part of the fan unit, even though it looks tempging.


The unit is about 1 metre high, about 400MM in diameter at the base, and weighs about 5KG.


The base contains the Hepa filters, one on each side, and are easy to remove and replace by releasing the latch’s on either side of the base.


On one side of the base at the top, is a round largish on/off button (also used to Bluetooth pair the unit) as well as a small LCD screen showing air quality for example.


On the opposite side to the on/off button, but at the bottom of the base is where the 1.5 meter    power chord connects.


The main fan part of the unit which sits on top of the base, is a tall oval shape, with the air coming in the back and out through the front edge of the oval sides. This air direction can be reversed.

There are no blades at all.


The oval shape fan unit can rotate 350 degrees.


The base can be tilted forward/back to adjust air flow direction down, forward or up.


The remote control has physical buttons, and magnetically  connects to the top of the oval shaped fan unit.


Note - whilst the oval shaped part of the unit is open, the manual advises strongly when moving the unit, do not treat the oval area has a handle, but pick up the whole unit from the base to move it, otherwise the movement mechanism to the base may be damaged.


The unit can be controlled from the Dyson Link app on iOS or Android, and via the Amazon Echo or via Siri shortcuts.


Connecting the fan to the Dyson link app was very straight forward, and pairing when instructed was to simply hold the iPhone near the on/off button and press to initiate pairing.


Overall the Dyson Link app is accessible.


When using the Dyson from Alexa, you need to enable the skill and login with your Dyson account via the skill to link it up.


The Dyson link app works well with Voiceover on the iPhone, allowing all functions to be accessed including temperature control, fan speed, cool or heat, rotation, air purification stats etc.


The Dyson skill works well, and allows control over temperature, fan speed, hot hot or cool, and how much rotating you want the fan to do.


With the app, you can set up your current location to get current weather info, and you can also name the unit, which comes in handy if you have more than one.


Both the app and skill allow the use of multiple fans to be switched between. In the app, you select the fan via the App Menu and on the skill, each fan is numbered, and you use that number to select the fan you wish to use.


When the Hepa filter needs replacing, there is a notification. You can also check the status of the filters at any time as this info is displayed within the Dyson Link app.


Having fans in different rooms, means I can custom set fan functions for those rooms.


Most of the time, I use the “Ask

Dyson” function with Alexa to change settings on all of the fans.


Well worth the price for the functionality I receive..


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