January 16, 2018

An Update demo of using the Sensibo Sky AC device for controlling AC via its web interface offering better accessible controls

In the original demo I did on the Sensibo Sky aC device (for controlling your Air Conditioner) using the iOS app on my iPhone, I said that the popup controls for accessing Mode (Dry, Cool etc), Fan (fan speed low, high etc), and Temperature (16C and up) on the AC were not accessible if you were using VoiceOver.

Found out as of this demo, that if you login to the sensibo website


with your account email and password, you will get the control screen for your Air Conditioner, and the Popups for Mode, Fan, and Temperature are all accessible as I demo with VoiceOver on iOS and Mac OS.

Climate control is also accessible, but I did not cover this in the demo as I wanted to keep it nice and quick.

Here is the link to the original podcast I did on Sensibo which goes through what it is, setting it up, using the iOS app, and accessing the device from Google Home


As I said in the demo, I wanted at least access to the Mode, Temperature, and fan popups and now via the sensibo website I now do.

Still wish they would make the actual app more accessible which as the date of posting this podcast hasn't yet happend.


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