January 29, 2020

Demo of the Scanjig document stand for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) apps running on a Smart Phone or Tablet

I know the Scanjig has been around for quite a while, but this is the first time I've played with one in



Allows papers to be scanned via portrait mode or when tilted, allows books to be also scanned (not recommended for tablets in this mode).


About the size and thickness of an oldish scanner (eg Canon LIDE 200), made of white plastic, easy to assemble, and fits comfortably in a computer bag.


I used the Scanjig with my iPhone via the Seeing AI app with the Document Channel, and once placed on the stand, started the process of scanning straightaway once it was in the correct position (as I explain in the demo).


I purchased this Scanjig from Amazon for about $75 US.


For more info and a manual, you can go to:



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