June 12, 2021

Review and demo of the Audio Technica ATH-M30X Studio monitoring head phones

These head phones offer great comfort, good sound quality with minimal design and rugged construction.


For use as a monitoring head set to a mixer, they perform very well indeed.


The head set comes in Quite a large box. Inside you will find - leather carry pouch, neatly stored head phones (they do fold up), long attached to left ear cup head phone audio cable (2.74M, with step up  adapter already screwed on to the end of the 3.5MM audio jack), and warranty card.


The headphones are entirely black with silver (tactile) Audio Technica logo on the faces of both ear cups.


Audio Technica” is printed in white on the top side of the headband


The soft material on the headband and the ear cushions are made of leather.


Even though made of plastic, the body construction is well finished.


The headband has a metallic support on the inside which becomes visible where it connects to the ear cups.


The headband adjustment is very smooth, with no click in to position. However, they do stay put when adjusted.


The rotating mechanism for the ear cups is supported by a plastic hinge allowing the ear cups to fold inwards for storage or in to the provided leather carry pouch.


The head phones have large ear cups that cover the entire ear and cut out an amazing amount of external noise.


The head phones are very comfortable for all day use, no pressure on the top or side of the head.


As pointed out already, the long 2.74m cable is attached to the left ear cup of the head phones. The 3.5MM female to 6.3MM male step up adapter is already screwed on to the end of the 3.5mm jack.

In the case of the Zoom Podtrack P4, you will need to unscrew this adapter to plug the head phones in to the P4 3.5mm head phones jack..


With the excellent sound noise reduction of the ear cups (no they do not have active noise cancellation), you can concentrate on editing audio such as a podcast.


I find these head phones excellent for listening to VoiceOver out of the Mac, editing podcasts, listening to music, and because they fold up, great for use when out and about if I am podcasting with the Zoom Podtrak P4, and my Samson Q2u mics.


Note - these are straight head phones, they do not have their own microphone as found with the Audio Technica BPHS Head phones.

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