June 4, 2021

Samson Q2u Dynamic Microphone demo offering XLR and Mini UsB Connectivity for PC, Mixer, & iPhone

Samson 29 Q2u Podcasting PackParticularly handy for podcasting.

Plus Backpack Studio


Set up for todays demo


iPhone 12 Pro on a wireless charging stand

Magic Keyboard 2 connected to iPhone

Samsung Q2u microphone/stand.

Ear phones plugged in to mic for monitoring.


And yes, this demo was all recorded on my iPhone and Backpack Studio using the Samsung Q2u mic.


First Backpack Studio


Description from the iOS App Store


Create professional sounding podcasts and radio from anywhere using only an iPhone or iPad.

Eg both works as a podcaster and radio streamer.


With backpack studio, Your show is automatically mixed and mastered while it’s being recorded. 




- Record your voice while triggering sounds live - intros, background music, and sound effects. Sounds automatically adjust volume in real time.


- A powerful soundboard with unlimited pages of soundpads.


- Import sounds into the soundboard from anywhere - iCloud, dropbox, google drive, your music library, email, even import directly from other apps.


- Find the perfect eq filter for your voice. Noise gate to lower background noise. Studio quality compression, limiting, and eq algorithms are automatically applied to your mix live for a loud, studio quality mastered sound.


- Create custom Siri Voice, external keyboard, and midi shortcuts to record and trigger soundpads.


- Encodes to all popular formats, mp3, wav, m4a,

aiff, and video.


- Publish recordings directly to iCloud, dropbox, Facebook, youtube, an FTP, Libsyn, or open in any app on your phone that accepts audio or video.


- Full VoiceOver compatibility for visually impaired producers .


Simply downloaded and installed the app.

Kept all default settings.

Added a few Pad sounds.

When using with the Samsung Q2u, Backpack found mic if already active: i.e. already plugged in to the iPhone.

Nice thing about using the app with VoiceOver, recording doesn’t include Voiceover.


Record, Pads, mic mute etc all accessible with gestures or keyboard, when I’m recording with Backpack I like to use an external keyboard, just faster control.


Using the app with a BT keyboard .


General keyboard commands


Record Command+R .

Pause P

Finish F

Delete recording D

Toggle mic on Space

Toggle mic off Space

Stop all pads X

Begin stream B

End Stream E

Show last recording L

Play last recording O

Show Recordings Z


Sound Pad keyboard commands


Play air horns 1

Play applause 2

Play laughter 3

Play Segway in 4

Play Segway out 5

Play sound 3 6




Features the Samson Q2u dynamic cardioid polar pattern mic, USB output for connecting to any Mac or Windows PC or smart phone via an adapter, XLR output for connecting to any mixer/PA system and a 1/8" (3.5MM)stereo headphone output with level control for zero-latency monitoring.


In the Samson Q2u Podcasting Pack Box


Samson Q2u dynamic mic,

puff or wind filter sock for mic head,

foldable compact desktop tripod stand with screw in mic holder,

XLR cable, and

USB mini cable.


Samson Q2u Microphone Dimensions


190MM by 55MM. 453.3G.







Description of the Samson Q2u microphone


Standard cylindrical mic and head,

Back of mic XLR, Mini USB and 3.5MM head phone ports, and

Middle of mic barrel, slide mic on/off switch.


Using the Samson Q2u Micrphone for the first time


Screw the mic holder in to the desktop stand, make sure the puff or wind filter is over the head of the mic, insert the mic in to the mic holder, extend the stand legs to sit on the table, plug in monitoring ear phones or a head set, and connect the mic to another device either via the XLR or Mini USB supplied cables.

Note - make sure the mic on/off switch on the barrel of the mic is slid forward to the on position closest to the head of the mic.

For future use, the mic usually stays connected to the stand which legs fold together, and the puff or wind filter stays on the mic.

When the mic has the XLR cable plugged in, as this is such a rugged connector, I usually leave this cable plugged in to the Samson Q2u.

For both the Mini USB and ear phones, I prefer to have these disconnected if I’m traveling with the mic in a bag.


Besides XLR cable for Mixer and Mini UsB for Mac/PC/Smart phone - adapter


To use the Samson Q2u on my iPhone, I use the Lightning camera adapter. Mini USB cable comes from the back of the Samson Q2u, plugs in to the USB port on the camera adapter cable, and the other lightning end plugging in to the iPhone.


Plugging the Samson Q2u in to my Zoom Podtrak P4


XLR cable comes from plugging in to the back of the Samson Q2u, and other end plugs directly in to one of the 4 female XLR connector ports on the Zoom Podtrak P4.


Using the Samson Q2u on the Zoom Podtrak P4


Everything is done from the Zoom Podtrak P4. No need for me to touch the mic. Mic gain, head phone monitoring, and mute is all done from the P4.

Note - all of my podcasts since getting the Zoom Podtrak P4 have been done on the Samsung Q2u microphone.

I can record directly to the Zoom Podtrak P4 on to the SD card or use the P4 as a mixer to Amadeus Pro running on the Mac.


Using the Samson Q2u on the Mac


Plug in the Mini UsB cable from the back of the Samson Q2u, other end of Mini uSB gets plugged in to a UsB to UsBC adapter, which then gets plugged in to the Mac.

Note On the Mac, using Amadeus Pro to control the Samson Q2U, again, no need to touch the mic for gain, monitoring or muting.


Using the Samson Q2u with My Smart Phone (iPhone 12 Pro)


Plugging in the Mini USB cable from back of Samson Q2u, other end of the Mini USB cable gets plugged in to the USB port on the Lightning camera adapter, with the other end of the adapter (lightning) getting plugged in to the iPhone.

Note - on the iPhone with the Lightning Camera Adapter, you will need to plug in ear phones or a head set in to the 3.5MM monitoring port on the Samson Q2u to both monitor how you are sounding, and more importantly, to be able to hear VoiceOver if you are using it.

On the iPhone, using Backpack Studio to control the Samson Q2u gain, monitoring (through the plug in ear phones on the mic itself), and mute.


Ear Phones or Head SeT


I only use ear phones or a head set directly when using the Q2u with the iPhone as its the only way I can hear VoiceOver. Just get what you prefer.

When I’m using the Samson Q2u with the Zoom Podtrak P4 or the Mac, I’m using my “what ever brand name” head set plugged in to the Mac or the P4.


Links to the Samson Q2u podcasting Pack, Lightning Camera Adapter, USBC to UsB adapter, and Backpack Studio.


Samson Q2u Podcasting Pack




Lightning to Camera Adapter




USBC to USB Adapter




Backpack Studio




Also sneaking in a link to the Mac App Store for Amadeus Pro



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