August 31, 2022

Some Notes about iOs/Android, common apps between both OS, and some suggested hardware



General Notes


Wider range of price and Android phones to choose from (bar, flip or tablet) compared to Apple.


As far as Android is concerned, Samsung phones are recommended.


On Samsung/Android able to associate hardware keys to answer/hang up a call (or open or close a flip phone), not available on iOS.


Open source for Samsung and closed for Apple.


Not all Android phones have the same Android OS, may be changed slightly, and may take a while to be updated to the latest Android OS version, not an issue with iOS.


If choosing either Samsung/Android or iOS, look at the tasks that are needed to be performed and if the apps to do those tasks are accessible.


Samsung phones give you Bixbie plus access to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Apple gives you Siri plus access to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


Samsung gives you access to the Samsung Play Store plus Google Play Store.

Apple gives you access to the Apps Store.


Books, Music, and News are covered on both platforms.


Samsung Galaxy watch for Samsung phones, and Apple Watch for Apple phones. However, screen reader (Talkback) on Samsung very sluggish.


Other screen readers can be installed on Samsung, Apple VoiceOver.


Braille support on Samsung still primitive compared to Apple.


Tighter integration of accessibility in iOS than that of Android, not as fluid on android, but usable.


Common Apps for Android and iOS



Two specific apps which are not currently available on Android are the Microsoft Sound Scape and Seeing AI apps.


As the Seeing AI app currency mode doesn’t work with Australian currency, Cash Reader is recommended for both iOS/Android.


Where it is not obvious what the apps listed are for, there is a short description.






Ten Play


SBS on Demand


ABC iView (ABC online streaming)


ABC Listen (ABC Radio stations)


ABC News


Aira (for the Aira service via phone camera




Amazon Alexa (for use with the Amazon Echo hardware and giving access to use Amazon’s digital assistant)


Amazon Music


Amazon Prime Video


Apple Music


Audible (for use with Audible books - nice thing about Android version can buy within app)


Be-My-Eyes (assistance for free via video contact to volunteers around world)


Blind Drive (fantastic blind driving audio game)


Calm (excellent wellness app)


Carrot (snarky weather app)


Cash Reader (currency identification)


Chrome (web browser from Google)






Disney Plus




Easy Reader (daisy book reader)




Google Assistant (Google’s digital assistant)


Google Drive


Google Fit


Google Duo


Google Home (for use with the Google Nest smart speaker hardware)


Google maps


Google News


Google Play Music


Envision (uses camera for text recognition, surroundings, photos etc)


Lazarillo (excellent GPS app)


Kindle (Kindle eBooks): again can purchase Kindle books within the Android app.




Menu Log


Microsoft Teams




Music Healing




Outlook (Microsoft Outlook)




Pocket Cast (pod catcher)


Spotify Music






Tripview (public transport for Sydney and Melbourne)


TuneIn Radio






Uber Eats


VIP Code Reader (accessible QR code reader)


Vision Australia Connect (for the VA Library)


Voice Dream Reader (document reader via speech).






Zoom (web meetings etc)


Android Apps



Find Device


Galaxy Store


Galaxy Wearable




Play Store


Tracker Detect






iOS Apps


Find My (find people, items, and devices)


Magnifier (LIDAR for detecting doors, and distances to people plus magnification function)


Messages (app across iOS, Mac, and Apple Watch)


Playgrounds for Swift Playgrounds.

Watch (for Apple Watch)




ES7445- Large print keyboard Black on White Keys


ES7444- Large Print Keyboard - White Characters on Black Keys


ES7443- Large Print Keyboard - Black Characters on Yellow Keys


ES0231- Large Print White on Black - Mac ALBA Keyboard


ES0232- Large Print Black on Yellow - Mac ALBA Keyboard


ES0202- Bluetooth Wireless Mini Keyboard Mac (Black on White)


ES0204- Bluetooth Wireless Mini Keyboard Mac (White on Black)


ES6200- Bump Loc Dots - Clear Round 6pk



ES7434- Large Print Keyboard Stickers - White letters on Black, Upper Case



ES7435- Large Print Keyboard Stickers (Black Letters on White) Lower Case



ES0155- Arkon Table Stand for Smart Phones



ES0419- BlindShell Classic 2 NFC TAG - Pack of 10. The NFC tags are not on our webshop but we do stock them so clients will have to contact vision store to make a purchase.


ES6557- Olitech EasyTel 4G Desktop Mobile Phone



ES0413- BlindShell Classic 2 Mobile Phone – Black



ES0414- BlindShell Classic 2 Mobile Phone – Red



ES7457- SHOKZ OpenComm Wireless Bluetooth Headset


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