January 3, 2019

Windows 10 Narrator Episode 3 - adjusting speech rate, Volume, Punctuation, and a tip on Verbosity

In this demo I take you through adjusting Narrators Speech rate, Volume, Punctuation, and a tip on Verbosity.

For the first 3 items, the minus (hyphen) and equals keys are used to to adjust.  The Equals key is the key that also has the Plus on it if you hold down the Shift key.  so a better way of thinking about this seuqnce is to think of mius and plus as least of way of remembering the commands which are:

Narrator+Minus decrease or Narrator Plus increase Speech rate,

Narrator+Control+Minus decrease or Narrator+Control+Plus increase Volume, and

Narrator+Alt+Minus counter clockwise or Narrator+Alt+Pus clockwise cycle through Punctuation.

Note - your Narrator key can either be Caps Lock or Insert.

Finally I have atip on Narrator+V for Verbosity where if you have it on Verbosity level 3, it will read list numbering such as on the desktop.  If you add a Shift to this command, you can cycle backwards through the verbosity setings.


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