As the title suggests, a demo on how to switch between the Home app, and either the NVDA or JAWS screen readers on the InsideOne.

Physical description and run through of the basic (Home) mode for the InsideOne windows 10 Braille tablet.

Further demos to come including a 2nd demo on a bit more on Home mode, then looking at using NVDA or JaWS switching, plugging in a QWERTY keyboard etc.

Note - the InsideOne’s Braille display is 32 cells, has a microphone at the front edge, the 2 cameras front/back, and a 10 inch HD screen as the tablet can also be used by sighted as well as speech or Braille users.

Developer website is:

Australian distributer Quantum RLV:




In this demo, I give you a physical description of the Orbit Reader 20, a go through of its functions, take you through the systems  main menu, switch between Stand-Alone and Remote modes, transfer a Braille file from my Surface Pro using Narrator on to the Orbit Reader 20, and then demo linking it up to VoiceOver on my iPhone.

In this demo I take you through setting up and using a Braille display via VoiceOver on the Apple TV.

Along the way, I make a number of suggestions on how some things could be improved.

This is a great app for teaching sighted or people who are blind UEB using an iPad.

For VoiceOver users, a Bluetooth keyboard is required.

In this demo I show you how to activate Voice Dictation from the Bluetooth Keyboard using the VoiceOver command VO+Dash (-) or on the Braille display input keyboard Space+dots 156: i.e. the VoiceOver two finger magic double tap.

The trick as I explain/demo is to make sure the on-screen keyboard is visible: with the Bluetooth keyboard just press the Eject key (top right of the keyboard) and on the Braille display input keyboard Space+dots 146.
If the keyboard is not on the screen, you'll just start/stop music playing for example.
With using the Braille display input keyboard, you can set the on-screen keyboard to be visible in Settings, General, Accessibility, VoiceOver, Braille, on-screen keyboard.
Not currently able to be activated on the iPad pro smart keyboard.

Using the Voiceover Braille screen input keyboard in iOS 8 with the iPhone 6 plus

Demo of using the MountBatten LS with the MBMimic app to allow embossing from an iOS device to the embosser

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