In this demo, I give you a physical description and run through of the Ember Ceramic Mug and its associated Ember iOS app.

The mug was purchased from the Apple Online Store for $129 Australian, and for me, its just a nice way of keeping a cup of coffee hot from the top to the bottom of teh mug smile.

In this demo, I give you a physical description of the Amazon Echo Show with its 7 inch touch screen, how to turn on Voice view (screen reader), Voice view Tutorial, some basic and handy gestures, navigating around the Amazon Echo Show with the touch screen, turning on the Start and End action sounds, and playing music/movies.

Oh and of course, using Alexa smile...

In this demo, I go through the main feature differences between the new and previous version of the Amazon Echo Dot plus play a bit of music and a audio book for you to hear the difference.

With the release of iOS 12, Find My iPhone, answering/making calls, and multiple timers became available for the HomePod which I demonstrate.

In this demo, I show you how you can ask Siri to move music to particular speakers or move EVERYWhere to play music on all speakers.

In this demo, I show you how to change between multi room and stereo pair using the Home app of course using two HomePods (smile).

In this demo, I take you through accessing the Samsung Series 5 32 inch Smart TV with Voice Guide.

Model Series 5 32 inch UA32M5500AWXXY.

In this demo, I show you how to pair the Google Home to a bluetooth speaker so if you choose you can use this BT speaker as a default play source for music.

I also show you how to unpair the speaker if you don't want it associated with the Google Home.

Note - this is different to Enabling Bluetooth on Google Home to use it as a Bluetooth speaker from another device such as your iPhone or Android phone etc.

In this demo I show you where to go to toggle automatic software update on or off within the Home app and also where you can check for the current firmware software version of HomePod .

In this demo I show you how to send, receive and read Messages on HomePod.

In this demo, I show you how to create and add to notes, and how I use reminders in a number of ways on the HomePod.

In this demo, I give you a demo of my wireless speaker setup at home and take you through the simple process of playing to the HomePod and other wireless speaker devices around my home.

In this demo, I take you through the Home Kit devices that I use in my home to control lights, radio, heater, and checking the temperature inside and outside all done via the HomePod.

February 20, 2018

HomePod demo - using the timer

In this demo, I take a quick look at the timer function offered by the HomePod.

In this demo, I show you how to set single and repeat alarms, toggle alarms on/off, label alarms, delete alarms, and check status of alarms using the HomePod. I also go through setting and managing alarms from the Home app.

In this demo I show you how to reset the HomePod.

Simply unplug and plug back in to power, hold finger on touch surface until announcement/3 tones, HomePod restarts, usual start sound, and begin usual setup process via Popup on iPhone and through the Home app.

In this demo, I take you through the simple steps of asking Siri to stop listening for the "Hey Siri" command (Hey Siri Stop Listening", and how to activate "hey Siri" again via 1 finger double tap and hold (using VoiceOver on the homePod) touch surface to manually activate Siri, then say "Hey Siri Start Listening".


In this demo, I show you how to play, navigate, and subscribe to podcasts on the HomePod.

In this demo, I show you how to play media on your iPhone (such as an Audible book) and music playing on HomePod (via Hey Siri play xx), and then via Control Centre, change between iPhone and HomePod.

These are the steps:

In the demo, start an Audible book on iPhone,

Start music playing on HomePod via Hey Siri,

Access Control Centre,

3D Touch on Media,

will be presented with Title track iPhone and title track NameOfHomePod,

Select iPhone or HomePod,

Media controls such as Rewind, Play.Pause, Fast Forward, volume etc will then allow that selected media source to be controlled.

This comes in really handy if you've started music playing in the kitchen on HomePod, your at the back of the house, and you want to change to the next track on the HomePod, Pause, turn the volume up etc.

In this demo, I show you how to transfer a call from your iPhone to the HomePod to then use the HomePod as a hands free speaker phone.

This works for both making and receiving a call.

When your on a call, choose the Hide button to hide the keypad, choose the Audio button, and then choose your HomePod.

The great thing about this for VoiceOver users is that the call is live on your HomePod, whilst VoiceOver and the keypad if you have to use it with automated system stays on the iPhone.  Consequently you have two different audio sources, making it much easier to either listen to the phone call or use your iPhone.

My first demo of setting up and playing around with the HomePod.

Support page link for using VoiceOver on the HomePod which will activate if you are running VoiceOver on the iPhone or turn it on in Home app via Room tab, HomePod, Details, Accessibility, VoiceOver.

In this demo, I take you through setting up my Amazon Echo Dot via the Amazon Alexa app now that the Echo is officially supported in Australia as of Feb 1 2018.

I must say though, I prefer using the website rather than the iOS app as sometimes I find double tapping with VoiceOver doesn't work and I have better access to the webpages with VoiceOver on the Mac using Safari than I do using the Amazon Alexa app with VoiceOver.

I still don't understand why Audible is not accessible here in Australia, only Kindle books.

I hope Amazon improves the English Australia voice for reading Kindle books, it pauses far to much.

In this demo I take you through the process of purchasing an audio book from the Google Play Store


and then show you how to as Google puts it, Read and navigate an audio book on Google Home.

FYI - audio books on the Google Play Store became available in the last week of Jan 2018.  If you are using PlayBooks on iOS, you can search and sample audio books plus play audio books you have already purchased.  Whilst on PlayBooks for Android and the website, you can search, sample, add to wish list, purchase, and of course play.

In this podcast, I give you a brief demo of the English Australia voice of the Amazon Echo which is about to be officially released in Australia as of Feb 1 2018.

In the meantime, if you do have an Amazon Echo in Australia and you would like to use the new English Australia voice, go to

Choose the Settings tab, choose your Echo, choose Language, and in the language pop-up select English Australia.

The Australian voice Unfortunately pauses between paragraphs when reading a Kindle book after I posted this podcast, and even worse, I have now learnt that Amazon will not be allowing books to be accessed in Australia, which doesn't make sense since the service is here anyway.

The Amazon Alexa app is in the Australian iOS App Store.

In the original demo I did on the Sensibo Sky aC device (for controlling your Air Conditioner) using the iOS app on my iPhone, I said that the popup controls for accessing Mode (Dry, Cool etc), Fan (fan speed low, high etc), and Temperature (16C and up) on the AC were not accessible if you were using VoiceOver.

Found out as of this demo, that if you login to the sensibo website

with your account email and password, you will get the control screen for your Air Conditioner, and the Popups for Mode, Fan, and Temperature are all accessible as I demo with VoiceOver on iOS and Mac OS.

Climate control is also accessible, but I did not cover this in the demo as I wanted to keep it nice and quick.

Here is the link to the original podcast I did on Sensibo which goes through what it is, setting it up, using the iOS app, and accessing the device from Google Home

As I said in the demo, I wanted at least access to the Mode, Temperature, and fan popups and now via the sensibo website I now do.

Still wish they would make the actual app more accessible which as the date of posting this podcast hasn't yet happend.


In this demo, I show you how I use Google Play Music to play to Google Homes or Chromecast Audio devices around my house whilst I enjoy listening to an Audible book on my iPhone. 

In this demo, I show you the new updated gestures which became available for the Google Home Mini towards the end of 2017: Pause/Play music, and stop an alarm or timer.

In this demo, I show you how to change the bass or treble settings on the Google home.

I tend to change these settings depending on whether I am listening to music or spoken word.

In this demo, I take you through the installation and setup of the Sensibo device with its companion app (Sensibo).

I take you through using the Sensibo app to control my home air conditioner, and control the AC from my Google Home and the Google Assistant app running on my iPhone 8 plus.

Just a note - the Sensibo Sky will only work with AC systems that are controlled via a physical remote.

In the demo, I say that the Mode, Fan, and Temp popups are not accesible with VoiceOver on iOS.  However, as of Jan 17, I have learned that if you use the sensibo website

and login with your account email and password, you can use the web controls on the screen to access the popup buttons for Mode, Fan, and Temp.

Here is a link to the updated podcast on using the web interface:

In this second Ring Video Doorbell demo, I show you how to find/use the Live View Feature which allows you to listen, see or speak with the Ring Doorbell anytime you like, rather than just responding to a Ring or Motion event.

The Live view feature has been in the Ring app for a while now, but I’ve not until now got around to showing the feature off in a demo.

If you are not familiar with the Ring Video Doorbell, the following link will play my first Ring Video Doorbell demo where I went through a description, installation, and use:

In this Home Kit enabled devices demo using Siri and VoiceOver, I take you through my house describing the various Ellgato Eve devices (Eve Room, Eve Weather, Eve Window/Door sensors, and the Eve Energy switch power point plug.

A demo of using Siri with these various devices follows.

I then take you through setting-up a second Eve Energy power point plug using the Eve app, and completing a scene to turn on a  lamp and radio on when I am away from the house.

We then move over to the Apple TV to show how it can access your Home Kit Enabled devices.

Finally I demo how you can use Control Centre, the Eve or Home App to use the devices manually and to check their status or to turn them on or off in case of the switch’s.



Demo of using the Coffee Link app on iOS with voiceOver.  Oddly after completing this demo, discovered that the Android version of this app works better with a screen reader to control the machine.

In this demo, I take you through my home and discuss all the hardware/software that makes up my connected home.

For this demo, I was using watch OS 2.2, TV OS 9.2, and iOS 9.3.

In this demo of the Ring Video Doorbell, I give you a thorough setup and run through of what the Ring Video Doorbell is, unboxing, Ring app setup to use the physical Ring Video Doorbell, attaching the Doorbell to the wall and completing the setup, using the Ring app, and final comments.

I must say, this is one of the best home connected devices I have purchased yet: i.e. what did I do before I had this device smile.

In this demo, I give you a summary and demo of the plugin Belkin WeMo smart switch's that you plug in to any power point, connect them to your Wi-Fi network, and control appliances such as fans, lamps, radios etc by plugging a device in to the switch and controlling it via the WeMo app that you can run either on your iPhone, Android device etc.  In addition, I talk about the Belkin Link box which controls smart bulbs (either beignet or screw) which you install in to existing light sockets.  The Link box is also controlled Via the WeMo app on your home Wi-Fi network.  Both of these systems can be controlled remotely as well.

Note -  with the Quick Switch app for both the iPhone and Apple watch, these apps will only function if you are on the same network as your WeMo devices, they will not work remotely.

Netatmo Urban Weather Station demo using VoiceOver on iOS

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